7 Baskets That Help With Home Organization

Are having too many small stuff and you find it everywhere? Are you trying to keep your space clean but do not know how to organise the small stuff? Why don’t you try to use a basket? Baskets are a perfect “tool” to use in organising your home, inexpensive, beautiful and functional items. So, if you start to think to want to use the basket to organise your things, here are 7 types of basket you can use:

  1. Bushel and Peck Baskets

It’s wide, round pails and usually has swinging metal handles. It is also deep. You can divide them into different categories for each basket (dolls, soldiers, rubber balls, etc.).

  1. Stair Basket

The basket has “L” shaped upside down. You can set them on your top step or your bottom step of your staircase. You can fill the basket ongoing throughout the day with things that need to go up or down. Leave it at the opposite end of the stairs once it’s empty.

  1. Utensil Caddy

This type of basket has dividers and handle. You can tote it around. A picnic caddy might be used to separate the knives, forks, napkins, etc. You can use them in the kitchen to separate whatever you’d like. You can also use that in the bathroom for separating toiletries.

  1. Wicker File Basket

There are kinda popular right now. You can easily found them in lots of mainstream stores or speciality organising stores. Usually, they have square or rectangular shaped baskets. Wicker file basket usually sturdy and durable because they made of rattan.

  1. Wine Caddy

You can store your items in a vertical, cylindrical shaped wine caddy or tote it in one that has a top handle. A wine caddy is an inexpensive way to jazz up a gift bottle of wine and you can lose it with some colourful tissue paper that starts at the inside basket base.

  1. Wicker Hamper

This basket is lightweight and durable. You can fill it with guest pillows in storage or your child’s large collection of stuffed animals. They come in various sizes. They made of rattan.

  1. Hanging Wall Pocket Baskets

This type of basket has a flat back so the basket hangs flat against the wall and a pocket opening. Usually made of rattan or wire. You can use this basket and put it in the kitchen, stuff it with oven mitts. Or you can use it as decoration and fill it with flowers.

If you want to purchase the basket, you can find that on online, flea markets, yard sales, home decor stores, or maybe asking your friends if they want to discard empty gift basket. And don’t forget, even the plainest, ugliest basket can be painted or adorned.


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